Center for Community Engagement


Who We Are
  • The Center for Community Engagement was established in 1998 to enhance higher education and contribute to the public good through community-based teaching and learning initiatives. These efforts enrich student education, promote civic engagement, and improve the community while capitalizing on the region's and UTEP's social and intellectual capital.

  • UTEP students graduate with a deeper sense of purpose and an understanding of and commitment to their roles as citizens of the world that contribute to the vitality of democracy and quality of life for the public good.


  1. Increase the number of students with community-based engagement learning experiences
  2. Support faculty community engaged scholarship
  3. Positively impact the community through academic-based and outreach partnerships
  4. Support the UTEP's community engaged mission and efforts
905 People | 1,324 Impact | 14,746 Hours

Service Opportunities